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WWEO offers on-line, hybrids, and hands on workshops, sessions, and courses that meet all your holistic desires such as essential oils, Reiki, chakra, Iridology analysis, manifesting, auras, reflexology, energy work, spiritual guidance, expressing yourself, and iris analyzing. It is about bringing yourself together as a WHOLE. 



Wholistic Wellness Essentially Olivia is base on the concept of being the energy you want to attract, living life to the highest vibration, giving back the energy we take with gratitude, and being “whole” by creating the world where you want to exist. At times we get so busy SURVIVING that we forget to LIVE.

My name is Rev. Olivia; I am a Registered Nurse, with several educational and personal achievements in several healing modalities in traditional, integrated, and holistic health.  My passion and motivational drive are fuels by the love of being an active Reiki Master Practitioner/ Teacher in many styles of Reiki such as Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Tibetan, Kundalini, Healing Medicine Buddha, Purple Ray, Violet Ray, Gold spectrum, Full spectrum, Ma’heo’o, and Holy Fire® Reiki.  I am passionate about life and enjoy sharing time and space with my husband, who is also a Reiki Master and blended family of many children and grandchildren. I have devoted my life to helping others achieve the ultimate goal of living “Whole.”

WWEO offers services and education in “Holistic Wellness” such as Reiki, physio/ spiritual massage, meditation, hypnotherapy, reflexology, iridology, reflexology, acupressure, and essential oils.  

WWEO offers hands one, distant, on-line, and virtual appointments for all sessions and educational modalities.  Book your Reiki sessions, Reiki workshops, chakra cleansing, iris analyzing, meditation, hypnosis, essential oils, gems and crystals, prayer, and aura clearing session today. Each session is personalized to give you the empowerment and care you deserve.

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